Simulation Meeting October 20 2020 12PM ET

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  1. SAM update
  2. Coil radiation dose update - Sakib and Nazanin
  3. Remoll Pull request summary - Wouter


Ruben Flair, Rakitha, Yufan Chen, Ciprian Gal, David Flay, Chandan Ghosh, , Wouter Deconinck, nazanin roshanshah, sakib, Jim Fast, Dustin McNulty, Cameron Clarke


  • Vassu is following up on SAM regions and will have results soon. Ciprian will remind Vassu to check on if we can get away with half-inch tube at the neckdown region
  • Sakib showed the Nazanin's preliminary progress on coil geometry and radiation load
    • The tungsten shield thickness was varied from 1 mm to 2.5 mm.
    • It seems to plateau at around 2 mm and seems like the optimal thickness.
    • This tungsten shield is for coil radiation coming from acceptance.
    • Ruben wanted to know which version of the coil geometry segmented V1.3
    • He wanted to know if there is space to place 2 mm shielding. Chandan confirmed that the area where we are shielding has sufficient space for a 2 mm thick tungsten.
  • Nazanin also looking at two bounce tungsten shield thickness.
    • She reduced it to 3 mm where the original thickness was about 6 mm while Keeping the tungsten coil shield to 2 mm
    • The goal is to see if we can get away with reduced two bounce shield thickness since we get less radiation on the coil from the beampipe and beam going to dump.
    • Chandan did the original study about two bounce shield thickness: [1]
  • Wouter reminded participants to take a look at the Pull requests to be merged today.

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