Simulation Meeting October 27 2020 12PM ET

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  1. Pion Detector Update : Elham


Elham Gorgannejad, Sandesh Gopinath, Rakitha, Cameron Clarke, Jim Fast, nazanin roshanshah, Probir Ghoshal, David Flay, weibin, Wouter Deconinck, sakib, Randall Wilson , Dustin McNulty, seehrar


  • Pion det update By Elham Gorgannejad
    • Showermax (EM shower) background from different sectors reaching due to line of sight to the pion detector
    • Optical photons rate is high for electrons for the observed electron rate at the lucite detector so trying to understand the energy spectrum of electrons going thru the lucite that produces optical photons.
    • One solution trying now places the lucite right in front of the Lead donut to minimize the line of sight background from the showermax
    • Look at the energy spectrum of pions and electrons passing thru the lucite
    • High energy electrons and pions should act as MIPs
    • Lead donut consists of Lead and concrete layers
    • Not yet studied the effect of concrete in the lead donut
    • Current lead layer thickness is 20 cm (40 rad lengths)
    • Good idea to look at the beam generator generated backgrounds for the Pion detectors
    • Goal for lucite is to measure asymmetry then use a tracking system along with lucite to measure dilution
  • Question came up about the thickness of showermax absorber since we already have good light generation. Jim and Dustin
  • Now it's important to have all the detector volumes properly setup and see how cross backgrounds and line of sight issues
    • This is where our simulation is heading and important to move all the subsystems in this direction
  • Probir Ghoshal asked about spectrometer simulations to be completed to answer some questions before Nov. 15th

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