Simulation Meeting October 6 2020 12PM ET

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  1. SAM updates - Vassu
  2. Radiation dose update - Sakib
  3. Gean4 version comparison - Chandan
  4. Collimator 1 and 2 merged design Progress - Chandan


Rakitha, Michael Gericke, Ruben Flair, Dustin McNulty, Vassu Doomra, weibin, Elham Gorgannejad, Ciprian Gal, Wouter Deconinck, Krishna Kumar, Chandan, Yufan, Juliette Mammei, Cameron, sakib, Sandesh Gopinath, David Kashy, Probir Ghoshal,


  • SAM updates - Vassu
    • original vs. new design optimized with the neck down region (modified) vs. modified with SAM (Lead) donut
    • both modified design causes higher photon radiation compared to the original design
    • sensitive detectors added between flanges and before and after SAM donut for measuring radiation
    • The rates at the main detector region with original vs. modified vs. modified with SAM donut. All hits are compared.
    • David wants to know if we can get away with a half-inch tube after neck-down to see if there is an increase in radiation. Vassu and Ciprian redo the simulation with a 0.5-inch thick pipe.
    • Using Juliette's macro we have to generate 2D line drawing - KK
      • Sakib will help with the macro to modify and run for the SAM region
    • Also KK wants to know the power deposit on the SAM donut. Vassu will calculate the numbers
    • I noticed that the Dump flange is not tied into the last neck down flange. Is the geometry consistent with the song sheet? David Kashy
      • that doesn't matter that much for this simulation. we will need to check the dump positions at some point to make them consistent with your song sheet - Ciprian
    • Add SAM detectors through the SAM donut see
  • Gean4 version comparison - Chandan/Sakib
    • compared total power deposit in bare coil and particle rates at the main detector, no significant changes between two versions.

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