Simulation Meeting November 7 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Progress in importing geometry from Sakib into Devel branch - Cameron, Sakib
- Coordinate changes [1]
- MOLLER song sheet[2]
- Geometry changes [3]
  • Detector background Update by Sakib
  • Get new people up to speed and Progress

Potential Tasks for Detector Area Simulation

  1. look closely at the residual source of photons from the upstream collimator regions to see if they can be further reduced
  2. replace the outer kryptonite shield with the properly tuned lintels and 3 downstream collars
  3. review the current status of the beam dump background and its impact on the detector plane region
  4. construct the geometry of the detector PMT shielding, combine with backgrounds coming from the light guide and quartz tiles, and evaluate the final background levels at the main detector PMTs

Potential Standard Plots and Numbers for Benchmark

  1. Radial plots at detector area from Moller, ep and beam generator
  2. Rates for Moller, ep, and photons from beam generator (E<10, 10<E<100, E<100)
  3. 2D scatter plots at detector area from Moller, ep and beam generator
  4. 2D Raster pattern at the upstream end of the target using Moller, ep and beam generator
  5. 2D Raster pattern at the entrance to the beam dump using Moller, ep and beam generator


Attendance: Rakitha, Chandan, Ciprian, Dimitrii, Sakib, Don Jones, Juliette


  • Sakib: Old coordinate system with long apparatus and long target. Conversion between old and new See Coordinate change link above. Song sheet with most recent positions are attached above. Should we have radii and aperture sizes in the song sheet too? Goal for the song sheet is to quickly compare positions and exclusion zones between JLab engineers and simulation group.
  • Importing changes from Sakib's work to remoll repository.
  • For develop branch default values for beam generator including raster are corrected for new position changes. So no need to use custom macro commands.
  • Matching to actual dump geometry with the beam pipe design. Can we use the PREX design? At the moment we are not clear this will be the one we will use for MOLLER. Pion detector will need additional shielding but we also have to have space for access for the dump. Wouter will make sure PREX dump geometry will be included in the develop branch.
    • Major issues to resolve (in song sheet): account for shielding not incorporated, dump shielding for pion detectors, the detector support structure
  • An important issue to resolve.
    • Shielding overlaps after changes we must fix that. Chandan will look in to that. See Sakib's link about geometry changes to get some idea about the volume overlap for shielding.
  • Reference for last week's Sakbi's talk he will upload it to doc-db and link to the meeting minutes.
  • Dimitrii's first work: Sensitivity studies to energy changes at the detector. How to plane. How to adjust the detector locations for changes in energy of the electron beam and effect of that to FOM for MOLLER.

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