Simulation Meeting October spooky 31 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Detector background Update by Sakib
  • Get new people up to speed and Progress

Potential Tasks for Detector Area Simulation

  1. look closely at the residual source of photons from the upstream collimator regions to see if they can be further reduced
  2. replace the outer kryptonite shield with the properly tuned lintels and 3 downstream collars
  3. review the current status of the beam dump background and its impact on the detector plane region
  4. construct the geometry of the detector PMT shielding, combine with backgrounds coming from the light guide and quartz tiles, and evaluate the final background levels at the main detector PMTs

Potential Standard Plots and Numbers for Benchmark

  1. Radial plots at detector area from Moller, ep and beam generator
  2. Rates for Moller, ep, and photons from beam generator (E<10, 10<E<100, E<100)
  3. 2D scatter plots at detector area from Moller, ep and beam generator
  4. 2D Raster pattern at the upstream end of the target using Moller, ep and beam generator
  5. 2D Raster pattern at the entrance to the beam dump using Moller, ep and beam generator


Attendance: Rakitha, KK, Wouter, Ciprian, Sakib, Micheal, Cameron, Catherine,


  • Default design in Sakib's table first row for beam pipe includes tungsten beam pipe shielding that we had for past geometry design
  • Al-window and beam pipe is the dominant source of bkg.
  • Optimizing to reduce the photon background in the ee ring
    • Breaking down the electron sources in e-ring coming from the Al windows and then Al beam pipes
  • Attach the slides that Sakib showed in the meeting
  • Sakib will import his geometry into the develop branch and make sure his magnetic field and develop branch field maps are same.
    • Tag the git version that will be used for the CDR

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