Simulation Meeting March 14 2019 10AM ET

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Task List Summary


JLab room CC B101 is reserved for the meeting

  • remoll GDML implementation/standards
  • Simulation software updates: current status power deposit summary (Moller Document 436)
    • Raster update: Is raster size is at the center of the target or at the upstream of the target?
    • Energy deposit


Attendance: Rakitha, Wouter, Chandan, Sakib, Ciprian, Dustin, KK, Cameron


  • Can we get away with worse vacuum (1 tor) in the spectrometer area? Ciprian can answer that Moving collimator (sieve blocker in tracking) and connection to Q^2
  • Background blocking a sector similar to Qweak estimate the power on the blocker if full beam is used. What is the power if we block all the sectors. Add to to-do list vacuum/He can upstream of the spectrometer update: Sakib and Ciprian is working on this. Small angle scattering background can affect on what we do here.
  • Can we extend fringe field towards 40 cm out to from the magnets? We don't have a fringe field outside of the magnets. Currently the blocky model ends at 35 cm - Ciprian
  • Input reader for Konrad's hyperon generator to generate an input for G4: Wouter
  • Release 2.1 is ready but put features for 2.2 in the git project page

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