Simulation Meeting February 28 2019 10AM ET

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Task List Summary


  • remoll GDML implementation/standards: Ciprian docDB434 or 190228 GDML implementation CGal.pdf
  • Simulation software updates
  • Radiation shielding update from meeting with JLab
  • Correlated raster definition update by Sakib


Attendance: Rakitha, Ciprian, Sakib, Juliette, Dustin, Cameron, Chandan, Wouter, Kent


  • Making GDML implementation guideline by Ciprian
    • Using nested volumes for regions and sub-regions
    • suggestions for variables and naming conventions.
    • Always run dos2unix on your files before committing a new file if you are on a windows OS
    • If you use tabs convert tabs to spaces in your editor
    • Use G4 materials as the first choice using G4_materialname
    • Use keep-out regions for each subvolume
    • Ciprian and Juliette implementing the beam pipe. The discussion is how to implement separately in different sub-regions. The hybrid area vacuum or He needs to finalized that way we may be able to use single sub volume for the beam pipe.
    • There is no beam pipe going through two magnets due to the vacuum within the magnets.
    • Create a directory for each daughter region and keep GDML files only in that region on the directory.
  • Updates on Simulation development in general
    • Beam pipe implementation is in accordance to GMDL guideline we agreed - Ciprian
    • Shielding implementation is in accordance to GMDL guideline we agreed - Rakitha
    • Master and develop branches should work by simply checking out from GIT. New versions for master will be released every 3 months. Develop will have new features but not agreed on final versions so it may have some issues. The master branch is the working version for anyone to use.
    • Working on geometry development branch where geometry is tracked independently but we are not there yet.
    • Even with geometry is tracked independently master branch will have its own releaser of geometry tagged to it.
    • GIT tracking for geometry and code updates
    • use the wiki page for general information on each subsystem and who is in charge, and where to find further information
  • Updates from Radiation shielding meeting with JLab
    • Electron EM and neutron radiation in the hall for personnel and electronics.
    • Fringe field in the G4. Where is the map file and what specifications we use in G4 for background studies? Juliette, Ciprian, and Sakib
  • Correlated raster definition and effects of this
    • New raster needs to update to 5 mm by 5 mm and use 136urad/mm correlations
    • 136urad/mm correlations provided by Jay Benesch
    • Need to verify raster size is at the center of target or at the upstream of the target.

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