Simulation Meeting March 28 2019 1030AM ET

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Task List Summary

Simulation Task List Updated 2019


JLab room CC B101 is reserved for the meeting

  • Simulation task list discussion
    • Radiation/Shielding
      • Radiation load on hybrid toroid nose: Rakitha, Juliette
      • Radiation shielding and activation: Rakitha, Kent, and Ciprian
    • Overall Background studies:
      • Air/vacuum?He simulation studies: Ciprian
      • Slit scattering background* (the elimination of all 1-bounce sources and the leading 2-bounce sources): KK (student?)
    • General Spectrometer:
      • Multi-loop spectrometer option: Juliette
    • Detector area background:
      • Optimized main detector geometries: Ciprian
      • Detector Shielding Optimization*: KK, Cameron
      • Shower-max splashback: KK (student?)
      • Crosstalk evaluation: KK (student?)
      • PMT backgrounds*: Juliette, Sakib
      • PMT double-differences: Ciprian, Kent
      • Muon pair production: Wouter
      • Beam dump background impact on Pion detector: Wouter
      • Beam dump background impact on the Main detector (Beam dump background estimate and shielding requirements):?
      • Hyperon background estimation*: Wouter
    • Tracking:
      • Optics Collimator for Q2*: Seamus, David A.
    • Theory:
      • Radiative corrections for all physics processes: Seamus, Yuri
  • Simulation software updates:
    • Raster update: use the new raster with beam generator in develop branch
    • Energy deposit: The discrepancy may have been due to old and new raster applied simultaneously. The physics list QGSP_BERT vs. QGSP_BERT_HP can have 10% discrepancy in energy.
  • Pull requests [1]:
  • Issues [2]
  • Are we going to add fringe field map files in the simulation by default?
  • Cameron: SLAC test data analysis and simulation: slides


Attendance: Cameron, Wouter, Chandan, Ciprian, Sakib, Michael


Simulation Results:

  • SLAC data analysis and simulation
    • Use a Poissonian sampling to stack events together instead of changing simulation instead

Pull Requests:

  • Beam generator raster
    • Works, makes sense, built off of Jay's raster design
    • Should be ported over to other generators soon too
  • Power Deposition
    • QGSP bert and HP are not identical
  • Release candidate 2.1
    • Is done, snapshot of March 21st
    • Includes new standard sets of plots and unit and physics tests
    • One bug/qustion about a slower Moller generator
    • Will merge later today
    • First new master branch since last Summer, includes new mutexes to improve performance
  • Adding a macro command manual
  • Adding a PDF booklet of unit/physics test outputs
    • Should add some optical physics tests
  • Raster update
    • Updating the raster definition with Silviu and Jay's raster calculations
  • Target length update to 1.25m
    • Delete defunct target len and pos macros
    • Update from March 2019 collaboration meeting target changes
  • CMake command added that can allow the user to specify additional field downloading at "cmake .." with "-d" flag
    • Updates magnetic fields to not have any gaps in phi
    • other PR for magnetic field header file to give warnings
    • Fringe fields are being investigated, and so is the interpolation technique


  • Low energy neutrals "missing"
    • QGSP_bert physics list has been default for a while
    • QGSP_bert_HP (high precision) will probably fix low energy neutral abundance problem
    • Add a warning to GDML aux tag to alert the user to use an appropriate physics list for "lowenergyneutral" detector types
  • Collimator power and coil sensitivity variations
    • Rerunning the simulation for a million events gives ~10% deviations in results from run to run sometimes
    • Instead of single-run simulating do N fold million/N runs and calculate mean and RMS (and also see if the RMS behaves as counts vary)

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