Simulation Meeting February 14 2019 10AM ET

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Task List Summary


  • Simulation software updates
    • Demonstration of MadGraph5, current status (Wouter) [1]
  • Collimator energy deposit update (Chandan) slides
  • Geometry implementation in GDML (Ciprian) docDB434


Attendance: Rakitha, Michael, KK, Cameron, Wouter, Ciprian, Chandan, Dustin


  • MadGraph Generate cross-section from Feynman diagrams and simulate. See Wouter's slides in agenda. Compared Moller QED process analytical and MadGraph
  • Collimator energy deposit update by Chandan. See attached slides. Chandan sees horizontal streaks of energy deposit that we need to understand why we see these. The streaks are generated in Col-2, Col-4 and Col-5

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