Optics Meeting Jan 31 2023 230PM ET

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  1. (Kate) Livermore libraries implementation
  2. (Bill) GEM frames into remoll
  3. (Vassu) Getting optics fits as functions of beam energy


David, Vassu, Andrew, Zuhal, Kate, Bill, Paul S, Ciprian, Michael D.


  1. (Kate) Was told by expert (Makato) that Livermore libraries should work with GEANT 10.6, but easier with GEANT 11.1.0 - Kate is working in getting this version built. Still working on it.
  2. (Bill) Has GEM frame (one layer) as sensitive detector, Det.ID = 520. No change to CPU time per event for MOLLER generator.
  3. (David) The Sieve/Blocker will part of the CD3a procurement - we need to ensure that MIT engineers have our final version. Note that engineers are now assuming 100% W, not the previous 90/10 A/Cu alloy. This is fine for our purposes.
  4. (Vassu) Trying to make smooth energy-dependent functions for our optics fit parameters. One issue is that the present python- based fit routines don't provide uncertainties for the fitted parameters. Suggested one could do the fits in root to get at the uncertainties, if they can't be extracted easily in python.

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