Optics Meeting Feb 7 2023 230PM ET

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  1. (Kate) Livermore update [1]


Kate, David, Juliette, Sayak, Vassu, Tyler K., Andrew, Paul S., Ciprian, Bill, Michael D.


  1. (Kate) See slides for updates. Paul S. suggests best testing of low-energy electromagnetic processes would be a standalone simulation with simple geometry, and 30 MeV electrons incident on a target, and look at exiting EM spectrum.
  2. (Bill) Have now made GEM frames in all 4 layers to remoll; layers 1 & 2 are a single sensitive detector (detID=510) and layers 3 & 4 are a second (det.ID=521). Andrew will run simulations and analyze.


  1. (Zuhal, Vassu) Now have optics fitting parameters with uncertainties.
  2. (Kate, Juliette) Have 4 different B-field maps with different coil offsets/distortions to test to see if we can identify problems from tracking data.
  3. (David) Note to all - we need to change our sector numbering in the sieve to match the spectrometer sector numbering scheme.

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