Optics Meeting Jan 24 2023 230PM ET

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  1. (Kate) brief update after meeting with G4 expert [1]
  2. (David) Solid targets update [2]


David, Kate, Bill, Zuhal, Ciprian, Andrew, Sayak, Jim


  1. (Kate) Will try Geant4 11.1; will check with simulations group to see if this has been tested with remoll. Bill will help Kate with getting remoll to compile with this version. Suggest that a test with the Moller generator to see if the Moller peak location on main detectors and rate are as expected with the new version. Discussed use of Wouter's overlap checker tool to ensure we don't have geometry overlaps giving us problems.
  2. (David) May want to ask for small or no-raster for beam on optics targets. Simulations done so far for optics have had the raster turned off.
  3. (David) Optics meeting day/time will be unchanged for this semester.

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Meeting ID: 972 5975 5403

Passcode: 4937

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