Optics Meeting Feb 21 2023 230PM ET

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  1. (Kate) Update on simplified geometry and discussion with Maurizio Ungaro for Livermore implemnetation
  2. (Kate) Progress on field map studies


Kate, David, Paul S., Zuhal, Jim, Andrew, Juliette, Michael D.


  1. (Kate) Discussion of next steps to test the Low-Energy Livermore libraries in G4. Now using GEANT 4 11.1. With this version, invoking new libraries seems to have simpler/easier syntax. Made a simple "stand-alone" remoll simulation to test libraries, one in which have a simple hydrogen target and a virtual detector plane just downstream of target. Works, runs very fast, so easy to get results out. However, don't see any difference in low-energy photon spectra with and without the Livermore libraries included. Still not sure why - may still be issues with how the libraries are being invoked. Juliette suggested trying Ciprian's stand-alone detector geometry as an alternative. Still debugging.
  2. (Kate) Look at track reconstruction variables with various "non-ideal" magnetic fields. Track reconstruction still works. Trying to find diagnostics for when/how the field is off-nominal. Juliette wonders if extra holes (or moving holes) to larger phi (closer to coils) may be useful.
  3. (Andrew) Bill has now implemented 4 layers of GEM frames, Andrew analyzing simulations. Should look at rate-weighted results.

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