Optics Meeting Feb 28 2023 230PM ET

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David, Zuhal, Vassu, Andrew


  1. Discussion of Vassu's attempts to make fit the fitting parameters to smooth functions of beam-energy. If the individual parameters (a, b_0, b_1... ) are each separately fit to polynomial functions of energy, need high-order (6th order?) polynomials, but this is probably over-fitting - trading strength between one term of the tracking polynomial with other terms, i.e. adjusting compensating in the r^2 term with the rr' term. We brainstormed on some alternate approaches. Need to think more on this, but David's suspicion is that the true beam-energy dependence of the fit parameters should be relatively simple, and not have a lot of "wiggles" in it (and high-order polynomials like to make wiggles).
  2. (David) showed an initial plot from Kate's magnetic field studies that showed we might be able to use the sieve hole's "image" (r,phi) at the GEM plane as a diagnostic for distorted B-field, at least for some sieve holes. More on this next week.

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