Optics Meeting Dec 20 2022 230PM ET

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  1. Kate - update on testing two step root files [1]
  2. GEM numbering scheme [2]


Kate, David, Zuhal, Bill, Andrew


  • (Kate) Progress on the two-step simulations (for use with Livermore low-energy libraries). Seems to run fine; no tracks appear to get hung up in short tests. Have checked that first stage simulations see sensible rates and distributions for Moller events. Will check that the second stage events (i.e. tracks starting at virtual detector) arrive at main detectors with correct rates/distributions. Will analyze two-stage beam generated runs with the "photons at the GEMs" scripts
  • (Bill) GEM numbering scheme suggested. Start with detector number zero at the open sector at horizontal beam right, proceed clockwise (looking in beam direction). Will update sieve hole numbering to match. Notation for GEM hardware: GEM_13_2 would be first layer, sector 3, foil 2 (3 foils per GEM detector), GEM 20_1 would be second layer, sector 0, foil 1. Need to define notation for azimuthal rotation for the GEMs (A,B,C,D, etc.?). Need numbering for trigger scintillators also.
  • (Bill) David suggests next adding trigger scintillators with realistic materials to remoll. Perhaps Andrew can o simulations to look at effect of the GEM frames and trigger scintillators on tracking.
  • (David) Next meeting Tuesday Jan 3; keep same meeting day/time for next semester, unless collision arises with other MOLLER meetings.
  • Right after the meeting I made a new schematic for the numbering of the sieve holes to match the GEMs and showermax. We will discuss this more after the holidays; no changes will be made in the geometry until then. [3] - Kate

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