Optics Meeting Jan 3 2023 230PM ET

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  1. Bill - update on putting GEM frames in remoll
  2. Kate - update on two-step files for Livermore phys libraries. [1]


Kate, David, Zuhal, Bill, Andrew, Nathan


  1. (Bill) First layer of 7 GEM frames now in remoll, with numbering convention as discussed at last meeting, i.e. sector 0 is at -x axis, moving clockwise. No interferences seen (checked this carefully). The frames are 0.7 in thick Al plates, and are active detectors for the moment. Phi rotational angle is keyed to a single parameter, and the inner radius for each layer is adjustable. Should check to see if the addition of this single layer adds much to the CPU time overhead for remoll before moving to adding all 4 layers.
  1. (Kate) Trying Moller generated events in 2=step simulation. When 20 events thrown per file in first step simulation, had 10-15 events that hit the drift pipe exit window and which became initial events for 2nd-level simulation (with low-energy libraries, no B field). These jobs took a long time (up to 30 minutes, but 5 out of 25 jobs took > 12 hours (maybe stuck?). Distribution of events at main detector don't look correct for these (compared to first-stage simulations), and something is clearly wrong with the rate-weighting. Will look at verbose output files, and check that events seen at the main detector have the appropriate energies and are consistent with being the primary Moller electrons. Note that the TrackID leaf gets reset to "1" for the 2nd-stage simulation foe each thrown particle.

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