Optics Meeting Dec 13 2022 230PM ET

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David Kate, Zuhal, Bill


  1. (David) Final Design review (Internal) went well.
  2. (Kate) Noticed that Jason B's slides for FDR said that the sieve/blockers would be 100% W; we should check, since we believe the plan is 90%W/10%Cu. Not a problem for us, of course, 100%W has even shorter radiation length.
  3. (Bill) Working in getting the GEM frames into remoll, and defining a detector numbering scheme for GEMs
  4. (Kate) Some evidence that the problem with the low-energy Livermore libraries is when low-energy particles are in magnetic fields, they don't propagate properly. Has implemented (with help from Zuhal) and is now testing a two-step simulation that should be able to bypass this problem.
  5. probably will have meeting next week, last one before holiday break.

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Meeting ID: 972 5975 5403

Passcode: 4937

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