Monday, March 6, 2023 9am ET

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Standing Agenda

Urgent Items (Please inform Juliette or Mike about items to be added here)

Status Reports not covered by urgent items

  • JLAB
  • MIT
  • UVa: Lintel simulations
  • Manitoba: report on standalone code status

Business arising from Status Reports


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Attendance: Juliette, Dave, Mike, Ernie, Kent, Andrew, Cip, Danielle, Jim, Jason, Krishna, Naz, Noel, Prakask, Probir, Sakib, Vladimir, Tricia

  • JLAB
    • testing rod ends (real ones $400 per) so doubling them isn't an option
    • get about a 0.5 mm backlash w/ current rod ends.
    • tracking number of drawings and what is needed for CD3a
  • MIT
    • meeting with Plansee - updated drawings are in process
    • cleaning IP from the Plansee drawings
    • need spec and functional requirement so they can go to for competitive bids
    • Roark Industries
    • working on FEA simulations
    • generating a schedule
  • UVa: Lintel simulations
    • lintels overlapped the bulkhead in simulation (needs to be updated to current CAD)
    • repositioning for engineering constraints related to the downstream move
    • looking at collar 1 inner radius (taper and mean radius)
    • Dave needs radial position of the lintels
    • will confirm the inner radius points (8 of them) 9.4196 mm 9643.99 mm
  • Manitoba: report on standalone code status