Monday, February 20, 2023 9am ET

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Standing Agenda

Urgent Items (Please inform Juliette or Mike about items to be added here)

Status Reports not covered by urgent items

  • JLAB:
    • [1] Vladimir B. will provide a summary of permeability measurements of various materials for hardware in the DS.
    • [2] Kris C. will present on FEA results of the DS belly plates.
  • MIT
  • UVa
  • Manitoba
    • Dose calcs for W, Pb, and Bi (Naz)

Business arising from Status Reports


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Attendance: Juliette, Mike, Kent, Ernie, Jim F. Vladimir B., Kris Cleveland, Dave K., Cip, Kent, Sakib, Naz, Ryan, Probir, Sandesh, Eric

  • permeability measurements (Vladimir B.)
    • 5% uncertainty; calibrated with supplied calibration sample (1.36 for our model)
    • various materials for hardware in the DS
    • Measurement range of mu = 1.001 - 1.999 w/ (mu-1) * 5% accuracy
    • 3D printed holder mounted in rig to maintain a perpendicular probe to sample geometry
    • set up almost ready for QA measurements
    • Questions
      • Silicon Bronze tested in past - see [3]
      • how else does 485 come (besides rods)?
        • very accurate, consistent OD on rods
        • Available in square stock from McMaster
  • sims on fasteners (Kent)
    • 1E-3 good for most things
    • sim: 4E-3, 6e-3 - good luck that limit of Ferromaster is 1e-3
    • most sensitive in TM4 region
    • Update SRD: the fasteners in their current positions require susceptibility less than 0.002. If fasteners are added or moved, then the susc. limit would need to be re-evaluated; bulkead items have not yet been completed evaluated
  • FEA results of the DS belly plates (Kris C.)
    • Master Bond EP33 shear stress limit of - 2200 psi (Al - Al)
    • Stress analysis assume 4 piece plate @ 3 mm thickness
    • ~250 psi (mesh element 2 layers thick, with quadratic elements)
    • don't need as many breaks in the W?
  • lintel study results (Prakash) -> Next week
  • Dose calcs for W, Pb, and Bi (Naz) -> Next week