Monday, February 27, 2023 9am ET

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Standing Agenda

Urgent Items (Please inform Juliette or Mike about items to be added here)

Status Reports not covered by urgent items

  • JLAB: Jim will present a summary of the 3a final report.
  • MIT
  • UVa: Lintel simulations (moved to next week because Kent could not attend)
  • Manitoba: report on US side shield thickness

Business arising from Status Reports


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Attendance: Juliette, Naz, Cip, Dave, Ernie, Jim F., Jason, Noel, Prakash, Probir, Sakib, Sandesh, Tricia, Vladimir

  • JLAB: Jim presented a summary of the 3a final report
    • Noted that some things were for the whole project, not just spectrometer
  • Manitoba: report on US side shield thickness pdf
    • Considering 0.5 mm W potted with the coil
    • Concern about heat transfer and delamination
    • no need for plate to be bigger than the side of the conductor stack
    • Bi almost as good as Pb, and Pb is a little worse than W
    • Expect standalone code to show that the plate is actually shielding the far side of the coil