Monday, February 13, 2023 9am ET

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Standing Agenda

Urgent Items (Please inform Juliette or Mike about items to be added here)

  • Blocky locations for DS conductors has been provided to use in Tosca
    • Not expected to having any significant impact (3 mm adjustment) but model should reflect current design specs
  • Finalized design for sieve, blocker, and collimator 1 &2 (and 2 bounce) needs to be finalized
  • JM is working e+ energy deposition in W and Pb for side plate dose investigation
  • KP is performing sims of lintel locations (Prakash - postdoc)
  • MIT finalizing design drawings
  • MD working 3A items (schedule, procurements, etc.), cooling water activation

Status Reports not covered by urgent items

  • JLAB
  • MIT
  • UVa
  • Manitoba

Business arising from Status Reports


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Attendance: Juliette, Ernie, Cip, Jason, Dave, Jim K., Jim F., Kent, Sakib, Tricia, Danielle, Vladimir, Mike

  • ++NEW++ required - lollipop for shielding the target
    • HW for calculations
    • required from last OPA review
  • New conductor config for symmetric conductor; working on the asymmetric configs
  • Sieve waiting for additional holes from optics
  • have radDamage code and making the model
  • KP is performing sims of lintel locations (Prakash - postdoc)
  • MIT finalizing design drawings
    • need drawings free from proprietary info (Plansee is being paid for engineering - did sign an NDA)
    • what is covered by NDA?
  • MD working 3A items
    • scheduling and procurements for all 3a items
    • cooling water activation - resin filter in main LCW (inventory of all items)
      • lintels - 7 W each? want to be able to cooled with the LCW and NOT the chiller (high compared to coils?)
  • Sakib and W vs. Pb
    • changes in upstream region; 2-bounce thicker and gap ignored for now; collar-0 outside of shielding, etc.
    • need to add gap, remove nose shield
    • Pb, W ~ 80 MGy vs. 70 MGy
  • Kent and ferrous materials
    • Brass 485 had a low measured susceptibility