Technical Board Meeting April 6, 2023

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  • Paul King - DAQ system change: Running the trigger interface interconnect fiber from the ISB to the Hall. DocDB 1041
  • Discussion of future agenda topics


  • Ciprian Gal - Beamline Change: Adding Harp to Compton Beamline. DocDB 1042
  • Ciprian Gal - Stripline vs 20cm BPMs in Hall A line DocDB 1043


Proposal: run a TI fiber interconnection between Injector Service Building & CHA/Hall A (Paul King)

  • required by newer versions of CODA software and hardware
  • This is essential, and it was an oversight to not include this in original budget
  • About $15k fiber+installation ISB->CH (on NSF), about $10k CH->Hall A (on DOE project)
  • TB agrees this is required.

Update on Counting Mode hardware: removal of discriminators and VETROC in scintillator readout

  • This change was already presented (briefly) in the Dec '21 collaboration meeting and the April 7, '22 Detector meeting
  • The FADC readout, with 4ns time bins, will provide suitable time resolution for coincidence triggers of scintillators.
  • The 4ns time resolution will be improved by edge finding on the risetime of a signal. The time resolution for tracking is well beyond what is needed for the 25ns APV GEM readout time binning
  • The FADC clocks will be synched.
  • There were no objections to this change.
  • Several side issues were raised:
    • It was noted that while the primary trigger required a front and back scintillator, alternative triggers such as those required for hunting backgrounds would also be possible. This includes an open pulsar trigger.
    • The long cable (about 200ft) from the scintillator amplifier to the FADC should be fully qualified, testing the readout with cosmics
    • some further discussion of cabling issues let to a suggestion of a separate meeting to discuss those in detail


  • Kent Paschke, Chair (MOLLER Scientific Coordinator)
  • Krishna Kumar (MOLLER Spokesperson)
  • Mark Pitt (Deputy Spokesperson, MOLLER-NSF Project Coordinator)
  • Jim Fast (DOE Project Manager)
  • Michael Gericke (MOLLER-CFI Project Coordinator)
  • Paul A Souder (Elected Executive Board Member)
  • David Armstrong (Elected Executive Board Member)
  • Robin Wines (Project Engineer)
  • Mike Dion (L2 CAM: Spectrometer)
  • Ciprian Gal (L2 CAM: Infrastructure)
  • Robert Michaels (L2 CAM: DAQ)
  • Vladimir Berdnikov (L2 CAM: Installation)
  • Caryn Palatchi (Working Group Convener: Polarized Beam)
  • Dustin McNulty (Working Group Convener: Integrating Detectors)
  • Paul King (Working Group Convener: DAQ)
  • Nilanga Liyanage (Working Group Convener: Tracking Detectors)
  • Jim Napolitano (Working Group Convener: Polarimetry)
  • Rakitha Beminiwattha (Working Group Convener: Simulations)


  • Jessie Butler (Deputy DOE Project Manager)
  • Juliette Mammei (Executive Board International Representative)
  • Mark Jones (Hall A Leader)
  • Dave Meekins (L2 CAM: Target)
  • Carl Zorn (L2 CAM: Detectors)
  • Silviu Covrig (Working Group Convener: Target)
  • Yury Kolomensky (Working Group Convener: Physics Extraction)