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      TB meetings: Tuesday, 2:30-3:30 ET weekly

Requested or Planned Agenda Items

  • Spectrometer backgrounds and collimation
  • Grounding plan


The rules of membership of the Technical Board are described in the by-laws of the MOLLER collaboration:

The Technical Board TB will have a group of senior collaborators who represent the full range of required technical expertise. The membership of this group includes the Scientific Coordinator, EB, the MOLLER DOE MIE L2 CAMs and technical leads, the Hall A Leader, the DOE MIE project manager (PM), the project coordinators for MOLLER-NSF and MOLLER-CFI, the Project Engineer, the Working Group convenors.... The TB membership can be periodically adjusted by the EB as the situation warrants.

  • Kent Paschke, Chair (MOLLER Scientific Coordinator)
  • Krishna Kumar (MOLLER Spokesperson)
  • Mark Pitt (Deputy Spokesperson, MOLLER-NSF Project Coordinator)
  • Ruben Fair (DOE Project Manager)
  • Klaus Dehmelt (Deputy DOE Project Manager)
  • Michael Gericke (MOLLER-CFI Project Coordinator)
  • Juliette Mammei (Executive Board International Representative)
  • Mark Jones (Hall A Leader)
  • Paul A Souder (Elected Executive Board Member)
  • David Armstrong (Elected Executive Board Member)
  • Robin Wines (Project Engineer)
  • Dave Meekins (L2 CAM: Target)
  • Mike Dion (L2 CAM: Spectrometer)
  • Carl Zorn (L2 CAM: Detectors)
  • Ciprian Gal (L2 CAM: Infrastructure)
  • Robert Michaels (L2 CAM: DAQ)
  • Vladimir Berdnikov (L2 CAM: Installation)
  • Silviu Covrig (Working Group Convener: Target)
  • Caryn Palatchi (Working Group Convener: Polarized Beam)
  • Dustin McNulty (Working Group Convener: Integrating Detectors)
  • Paul King (Working Group Convener: DAQ)
  • Nilanga Liyanage (Working Group Convener: Tracking Detectors)
  • Jim Napolitano (Working Group Convener: Polarimetry)
  • Rakitha Beminiwattha (Working Group Convener: Simulations)
  • Yury Kolomensky (Working Group Convener: Physics Extraction)