Simulation Meeting October 5 2021 11AM ET

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  1. Dump geometry location for SAMs Mark
  2. Raster power supply box and radiation level Vassu
  3. Total ionization dose (TID) for DS torus: Zuhal; [1]
  4. sim geometry for spectrometer enclosures and supports
  5. computing space at JLAB



  1. SAM area background from the dump regions. Devi wants to look further into this, especially PMT for SAM to decide the shielding level. The develop is the branch that is the updated geometry for the dump. Ciprian and Vassu did the previous study.
  2. Raster power supply box and radiation level: Vassu
    1. Using a 3 cm thick stainless steel box seems adequate for total ionization dose (TID)
  3. Total ionization dose (TID) for DS torus: Zuhal
    1. This location (behind the lintels) exceeds TID for hall probes and may need a different solution
  4. Dave has a simplified Geometry for drift pipe, DS enclosure (clamps and lintels) for G4 to be loaded from engineering. Zuhal and Chandan will import drift pipe and DS enclosure. Julitte wants to make sure coils and clamps stay together in GDML for offset studies
    1. We will simplify most of the structural geometry before putting it into G4. We will also prioritize any materials with ferrous elements.
  5. Data storage and batch job issues encountered when running simulations in jlab farm: Ask Jim to increase guarantee storage size 25 TB

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