Simulation Meeting May 28 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Progress on the Priority list - Ciprian
  • Followup to Dose calculations on the collimators and coils - Sakib
  • Analysis scripts for simulation output - Wouter, Sakib, Cameron?


Attendance: Rakitha, Steve wood, Ciprian Gal, Sakib Rahman, David Kashy, Dustin McNulty, Probir Ghoshal, Krishna Kumar, Michael Gericke, Chandan Ghosh, Cameron Clarke, Kent Paschke, Donald Jones,


  • Dose calculations on the collimators and coils
    • The e-beam start way back then shower in air, therefore beam must be started in a vacuum region just in front of the target. Will make this the default way to run beam generator
    • Adding a vacuum beam pipe upstream of the target is another solution and more sensitible one
    • We do deconvolution using both symmetric vs. asymmetric coil design
    • Checked the power deposit between symmetric vs. asymmetric coil design
    • no significant change between symmetric vs. asymmetric coil design
    • Verify G10 composition is correct, feedback from engineers would be good. David K will provide that information
  • Low angle ep background minimization using col-5 tweaking
    • there is a low angle ep background on the ring 5 that need to be blocked if possible
    • bottom portion of the col-5 was missing in our simulation, see Sakib's 2D plot
    • David K cautioned about how accurate the placement of these bottom pedels for Col-5
    • We will do this as a summer study as more careful
  • Col-5 Optimization Update
    • make sure to understand effect of the magnetic field including the fringe field that pull ep into acceptance as shown in the Sakib's 2D plot at Col-5
    • very low angle low proba. high rate events must be investigated either using beam generator or some theory calculation
    • ep generator at these low angles is not very accurate. This is a project that we need to do some time within next year or so.
  • End of June we will freeze everything for CD-1
    • David K will have a final CD-1 version available once we freeze everything.
    • We will continue to meet weekly until we do that.
  • Software Updates
    • QA plots to be generated as part of simulation output
  • next release candidate what to include
    • SBS bunker
    • electronic hut
    • all the latest shielding updates
    • vacuum beam pipe upstream of the target area
    • updating analysis scripts and readme and documentations - Wouter

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