Simulation Meeting June 4 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Progress on the Priority list - Ciprian
    1. Light guide light generation. Add this to estimate of light generated from radiation getting to the PMT and confirm there is no impact on deconvolution analysis.: Cameron will pick this up
    2. Develop benchmarks for single event upsets (in collaboration with Michael): Ciprian working to determine TID and SEE estimate.
    3. SAM implementation and impact on radiation: Chandan will work on this after finishing the envelopes
    4. Collimator 1&2 geometry change. Finished see below
    5. Envelopes for the engineers: Chandan will work on this next
    • After CD1
    1. Raster, position&angle offset sensitivities.
    2. Target and Collimator 1/2 shielding updates (and potentially add beampipes and sieve locations).
    3. Relax Detector Electronics bunker requirements.
    4. Light from Al holding structure for quartz.
  2. Implementation of combined collimator 1 and 2 - Chandan docDB615
    • ChG: Collimator 2 currently made out 2 layers (first W and then Cu) as suggested by engineers
    • ChG: the updated collimator 1 has more uniform power deposition (~.65W/mm2). Total 4.2kW/70uA
    • ChG: both collimators will have a common water channel for taking heat away. Collimator 2: 1.2kW/70uA
    • ChG: collimator 4: 90W/70uA. Shoule we decrease the thickness? KK: will look at it after CD1.
    • ChG: ran a limited sim on ifarm to look at backgrounds with the beam generator. The distributions look consistent after the change at both R5 and R7.
    • ChG: looked at the 2bounce code and made adjustments to remove new "spots"
    • KK: we should study if there is latteral EM shower leakeage from the closed sector hot spots. At that point we should look at the Cu plate on the back of collimator 2. JF: we could taper these to help if this is a concern.
    • KP: is there a vacuum pipe in the 2-bounce code? The shadow from collimator 1 will be smaller. KK: will work on this through the summer after CD1.
  3. Col-5 Optimization Update - Sakib
    • SR: started with a simple ring at low radius. There are still some regions that might need to be filled.
    • SR: for now we have a drop of about 1 order of magnitude in rate in the low energy epElastic rate in R5;
    • KK: moving forward we can take this as a summer project after CD1. This can be implemented as is in the simulation. SR: will check the backgrounds one more time before porting in the develop branch
  4. Next software release - Wouter
    • WD: will update after collimator 1,2,5
    • WD: updated documentation. Please give me feedback


Cameron C, Chandan G, David K, Don Jones, Dustin M, Hanjie L, Jim F, Kent P, KK, Michael G, Ruben F, Sakib R, Sandesh G, Stephen W, Wouter D, Ciprian G


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