Simulation Meeting March 5 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Photon background on the detector plane - Chandan
    • ChG: still investigating
  2. Deconvolution update: docDB566
    • CG: in the spreadsheet I show the results for the 6 process (with eAl fixed, 10% high, and 10% low)
    • CG: it looks to not have an effect on the extraction. KK: it should change the central value by about 1e-3 so it needs to be double checked. CG: will look at the algorithm again.
    • KK: what fields were used for this? SR: field map extends our from 2 mm. CG: should not have a big effect.
  3. Sakib: still trying to track down the photon rates in ring 5
    • SR: 10-20 cm collars is a big deal
    • Chandan will follow up with transmission study
    • SR: will redo the plots with energy binning
  4. Ciprian: shielding and radiation docDB567
    • CG: will need to double check normalization
    • CG: will have spectra and numbers for the PMT region (1.2<R<1.5m) by next time
    • CG: the underside seems to be a significant issue together with the Shower Max
    • CG: the wall may be an issue for photons. Plots for different energy regions will be made.


Attendance: Chandan G, Ciprian G, KK, Kent P, Sakib R, Wouter D, Michael G, Dustin M

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