Simulation Meeting March 12 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Immediate simulation tasks to complete - Ciprian, Sakbi, Chandan
    • shielding and radiation Ciprian: docDB588
    • Raster Sensitivity Sakib : [1]


Attendance: Ruben, Ghosal, Sandesh, Rakitha, KK, Ciprian, Dustin, Chandan, Wouter, Paschke, Sakib, Micheal


  • Background radiation summary by Ciprian.
    • Ciprian: Sakib ran 100 million events for background radiation.
      • Ciprian: At -1800 mm we have US window that separates us and ds region in the beamline. It is 0.5 mm thick Al.
      • Ring 7 1200 - 1500 mm is the PMT region.
    • Dustin: Light guide size and ring radial reach, no agreement so far on final sizes.
    • Units in 1D plots hits per unit target election
    • KK: Photon background is too high at the R5 mainly dominated by E>10 MeV gamma high e neutrons at PMT region (R7)
    • We need to estimate numbers for R7 region and see how much shielding we need and how much damage neutron will do for PMT
      • Low energy neutrons have high capture cross-section at the PMT
      • What thermal neutron will do for PMT
      • Do we have thermal neutrons in the simulation? Sakib ran with HP physics list.
      • KK: How much high E neutrons coming from shower-max?
      • Michael: Moving all the pre-amp behind the lead ring shielding. There is a limit on how long cables we can use. This needs to be tested to check the max length of cables we can use from PMT to pre-amps
  • To-do list:
    • new beampipe design, reduce lead absorber to actual size and implement a new beam dump physics process to include thermal neutrons.
    • Separate simulation for SAM
  • What's the timeline?
    • KK: if we can get numbers by April 2 then go for optimizations. The first step will be to get the numbers (dose, rate, etc) at the detector plane based on current simulation.

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