Simulation Meeting March 19 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Immediate simulation tasks to complete - Ciprian, Sakbi, Chandan


Attendance: Chandan, Sakib, David Kashy, Dustin, Krishna, Michael, Ruben, Sandesh, Randy, Wouter


  • Chandan:
    • test simulations on blocks of Pb with electrons, neutrons, gammas
    • implementing beampipe drawings from Dave Kashy
  • Sakib:
    • sources of photon background from real shielding
      • full geo, full geo - shower max shielding, full geo - shower max and shielding
        • lead shielding causes 50 GHz of 1-10 MeV photon background
        • showermax itself causes 40 GHz
        • lead collars causes 80 GHz
      • still looking for source of 100 GHz
  • Cip's slides (presented by Sakib):
    • full shielding studies, posted in doc db
  • Sakib:
    • raster rate sensitivity of 3.9% (Moller), 17.2% (elastic)
  • David Kashy:
    • update on magnet design

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