Simulation Meeting January 23 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  1. Immediate simulation tasks to complete - KK, Ciprian, Sakib, Chandan
  2. Detector design changes - KK, Juliette, Michael, Dustin, Sakib
  3. GIT repository updates - Wouter


Attendance: Rakitha, Sakib, Dimitry, Chandan, Michael, Ruben, Dave Kashi, S Wood, Wouter, Dustin, Kent, Juliette


  • Simulation plans see docDB557
    • Hybrid (old) vs segmented (new) magnet design changes to detector design
    • start with the simulation setup we ran for the Dec 2019 review
    • Do FOM calculation comparison and optimization of detector radial and phi where the only difference will be the B-field to make the comparison at the detector plane
    • Once we have FOM comparison, we need to understand B-field sensitivities on the detector plane, the analysis Juliette/Sakib has done up to now will be repeated
  • According JLab engineers, JLab DS Hybrid model discovered some discrepancy that too far radial inward and JLab engineers trying to understand this.
  • Main detector plane Radial electron and pion rate distributions see document Full simulation docDB558
    • We need to look at the energy spectrum of neutrons hitting the detector area. Low energy neutrons make a bigger background similar to ee signal at the ** main quartz detector. We also need to look at the showermax neutrons
    • Add the showermax detectors before the main simulation
    • Setting the detector size may take a couple of month where we need to finish above tasks.
  • Acceptance loss update by Chandan (see docDB559)
    • Cross check of collimator dimensions and line of sight - Chandan
    • Chandan's new fix will stop all the lines of sight photons and recover some of the losing acceptance. He will shave the front end of the col-1 recover loss of acceptance.
  • Detector design changes - Sakib
    • Longer the detector transmission losses are high due to radiation losses. Michael where current radial length is 15 cm and in segment magnet design quartz will be 20 cm
    • Michael will forward transmission lose studies from Mainz to KK
  • We will move forward with Ciprian's simulation plan in short term
  • Juliette, Ruben, Dave Kashi and Sakib will see to if there is a way to improve the segmented magnet design to match hybrid (blocky) model
  • What happens if the beam is changed from 11 GeV to 10.6 GeV? See Sakib's slides where only about 1% change in FOM and minor change in ep/ee ration
  • * We need more Manpower for simulation

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