Simulation Meeting April 30 2020 10AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


  • Background simulation update - Ciprian
  • GEM electronic radiation load update - Chandan docDB583
  • Spectrometer/Magnet Geometry update - Sakib/Catherine


Attendance: Rakitha, Ruben Fair, Wouter, Ciprian Gal, Hanjie Liu, Dustin McNulty, Krishna Kumar, Chandan, Sakib Rahman, Michael Gericke, Sandesh Gopinath, paschke, Donald Jones, Probir Ghoshal, Cameron Clarke


  • Chandan GEM electronics:
    • GEM electronic radiation load on the virtual cylinder shown in the slides
    • The Main radiation is neutrons. Slide 4 is averaged over the entire virtual detector.
    • How do we properly characterize the dose on this virtual detector, hot spots vs entire detector neutrons are isotropic only charged particles has sector streaks (stripes). We could add 100% uncertainty to EM dose (e+/e-)
    • For now, we will stick to averaged over virtual detector for now.
    • suggestion by KK, make open/close sector thickness for lead collars
  • Chandan Electronic hut:
    • Neutrons 45% came from the dump, 38% from the shower max tungsten? rest from lead collars
    • The radiation load is very low on the electronic hut
    • Chandan will try to optimize wall heights to shield the beam pipe and then remove the hut roof as next step
    • Why target vertices showing up in the hut, good idea to look at how it is coming? KK
    • Single event upset vs. permanent damage for electronics needs to be separately addressed, it is not easy to model SEU and depends on type of electronics. PREX experience is that we took it down far below what we want but we could not quantify it. Paschke
      • Michael will get neutron dose estimated from cold neutron experiments
      • Chandan will estimate the neutron flux numbers in the electronic hut. He only showed the plots in the slides
    • Chandan will look into line sight from beam pipe and shower max into the hut, plugging line of sight will further reduce the particle flux
  • Spectrometer:
    • We need to have a text that summarized what Ruben has and what we will do as next step.
    • By next week the segmented coils radiation load. for both symmetric case and asymmetric case.
  • To-Do followup:
    • Micheal is working on the PMT radiation hardness limits: KK, Michael will meet do discuss this.
    • R7 numbers and what it means pre-amps. The excel sheet on docdb577 with all the tables for rates on the detector. Micheal
  • Raster update by Sakib,
    • Sakib updated fit parameters in the angle and position offsets plots.
    • Ciprian and Sakib will summarize the plots with fit parameters for the rastered case. use ppm/um and ppm/urad
    • Recommendation item is about the modulation effect from the raster. KK, Ciprian, and Paschke will discuss this once Sakib finished it.

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