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The current version of the document is located docDB 650.

The engineers have done a literature review of shear stresses of cyanate esther epoxy resin following high levels of irradiation. They have asked the physics collaborators to review the papers to ensure that we agree with the results of the studies as well as the estimates they have made.

List of documents

  1. Original papers
    1. Performance Evaluation of Cyanate Ester Resin.pdf
    2. CTD-Materials-Selection-Guide-2019.pdf
    3. 2002_Fabian_CTD.pdf
    4. High shear-strength electrical insulations for plasma confinement magnets.pdf
    5. Highly Rad-Resistant VI Resin Systems for Fusion Magnet Insulation.pdf
    6. Characterization of reactor irradiated organic and inorganic hybrid insulations systems 2002.pdf
    7. CTD-403, CTD-422, CTD-415 Data Sheet_8-8-14.pdf
    8. Moisture Degradation of CTD-403_ Testing the Application of Cyana full.pdf
    9. CTD-450 Primer Data Sheet.pdf
  2. Reviews and summaries
    1. Review of CE resin publications - DHK 7-22-2020.docx
    2. Shear Strength of CTD403 at 293 K and with Radiation E_Sun-D_Kashy rev.pptx
    3. Shear Strength of CTD403 at 293 K and with Radiation v5.1.pptx
    4. Strength degradation vs Dose.xlsx

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