The MOLLER MIE Project

The Measurement of a Lepton-Lepton Electroweak Reaction (MOLLER) MIE Project will deliver the experimental apparatus required to carry out the MOLLER experiment. The apparatus includes the liquid hydrogen target, spectrometer, beam pipes, detector systems, data aquisition and trigger system, and the modifications to the Hall A infrastructure and shielding needed to support the experiment. The project is also contributing to the upgrades to the beam line monitoring and polarimetry.


The MOLLER experiment proposes to measure the parity-violating asymmetry in electron-electron (Møller) scattering. The measurement will be carried out at Jefferson Laboratory's state-of-the-art accelerator by rapidly flipping the longitudinal polarization of electrons that have been accelerated to 11 GeV and observing the resulting fractional difference in the probability of these electrons scattering off atomic electrons in a liquid hydrogen target. This asymmetry is proportional to the weak charge of the electron, which in turn is a function of the electroweak mixing angle, a fundamental parameter of the electroweak theory. The accuracy of the proposed measurement allows for a low energy determination of the mixing angle with precision on par with the two best measurements at electron-positron colliders.


MOLLER MIE Project Documentation Guide

The MOLLER Project is using several tools and repositories to manage project documentation

  • The MOLLER Project SharePoint (Documents area) will be used as the primary repository for:
    • Project management documents (e.g. AS, PPEP, PHAR, QAP)
    • Review documents that require controlled access (e.g. business sensitive information)
    • Quality documents (inspection reports, non-conformance reports)
    • Safety documents
  • The JLab Document Repository will be used for Technical design data (CAD, vendor specifications).
  • Spectrometer working files are located at O:\Magnet_Design_Tools\Magnet Projects\MOLLER - Hall A\
  • Select JT files are available to collaborators on the web at
  • Project controls data will reside on the JLab M: drive M:\MOLLER