Optics Meeting May 23 2023 200PM ET

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  1. questions about optics calibration [Kent]
  2. short update on sieve hole symmetry using raw data instead of gaussian fits [Kate] [1]


David, Kate, Vassu, Bill, Tyler, Ryan, Michael D, Ciprian, Kent, Sayak, Andrew, Juliette.


  1. Kate fixed the oddities related to symmetry hole hit locations in GEM plane for default (ideal) magnetic field, by using the simple mean of the data rather then the centroid of Gaussian fits - now the results all make sense.
  2. The Technical Board approved the sieve design, but subsequently Kent had a number of additional questions. We discussed many of them and came up with some additional plots to generate; see highlighted items here: [2]. Transmission of the sieve design to MIT engineering will await completion of these tasks.
  3. (Juliette) We will have the capability to turn off some of the spectrometer magnet stages, i.e. turn off the pre-bend field. This could be useful in optics studies and tests of the magnetic field symmetry. We should probably try this in optics simulations.
  4. (Bill) Has SBS geometry for several of their configurations available to put into remoll to help with benchmarking our simulations for low-energy photon rates.

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