Optics Meeting May 16 2023 200PM ET

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  1. if there is time, go over tasks that people are working on [Kate]: Updated list here:[1]


David, Paul S, Kate, Vassu, Zuhal, Sayak, Ciprian, Andrew, Tyler, Michael D.


  1. (David) Sieve design presented to simulations meeting last week, will present to Technical Board at Monday May 22 meeting.
  2. (Kate) Discovered that odd results (symmetry holes not agreeing for ideal field map) is due to using means Gaussian fits to the radial or phi positions of hits on GEM plane [2]. When replaced with simply using simple means of the histograms, results now make perfect sense: see [3].
  3. (Vassu) Has run simulations for the 5 different beam energies with the newest sieve design; outputs send to CSV files. Is returning to work on trying to get smooth functions of the optics fitting parameters vs. beam energy.
  4. (Sayak) Will simulate (G4) thermal neutron flux at pion detector PMT locations (can we use borosilicate windows for the pion PMTs).
  5. (David) Starting work on defining all possible triggers we might need (for Counting DAQ group). The kinematics group should ponder what triggers we might wish.
  6. (Kate) Reviewing older task list: 1) David should pester Nilanga for estimated r,phi resolution for our GEMs, however upcoming SBS cosmic data with UVa MOLLER GEM prototype should give us experimental result reasonably soon. 2) Vassu will revisit the question of whether using local (sector) phi vs. global phi might gain us something in the fits. 3) We still need to put GEM location smearing (whole chamber instead of hit smearing) into our optics fits. 4) Do we still want to project the GEM plane hits to the MD plane in remoll, or can this wait for full track reconstruction code? We should think on this.

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