Optics Meeting Jun 28 2022 230PM ET

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1. Update on sieve and blocker engineering [Kate] [1]

2. Understanding the E' vs gem r plot in more details [Vassu][2]

3. Sieve Hole Locations Update [Vassu][3]

4. Understanding the generators in remoll [Vassu][4]

5. Update on GEM efficiency map [Nathan]


Vassu, Nathan, Zuhal, Bill, Brynna, James, Kent, Ciprian, Kate



  • Sieve and blocker will now be 100mm thick unless our hole size study requires holes smaller than 5mm.
  • The sieve should be placed at a different z location than we've been using. Some basic calculations should be redone to check that we don't need to change important aspects of sieve design.


  • Initial look at GEM efficiency map looks good.
  • Next steps are to add in curves on the outer edges, make more realistically sized ribs, and define a more accurate function for the efficiency.


  • The vertical band on the E' plot looks to be coming from something between drift 2 and upstream of shielding.
  • v_z reconstruction using sieve_r can be used to define necessary radial separation for sieve holes.

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