Optics Meeting Jul 5 2022 230PM ET

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1. Update on sieve and blocker z placement and geometry [Kate] [1]

2. Update on GEM Efficiency Map and optimum orientation [Nathan] [2] [3]

3. Sieve Hole Placements [Vassu][4]


Ciprian, Bill, Zuhal, Nathan, Vassu, James, KK, Kate



- calculations for sieve geometry were redone to account for changes in sieve thickness and location.

  • sieve inner bore radius can stay the same.
  • optimal sieve hole location is slightly different.
  • radial range of "allowed" sieve holes expanded some.


- GEM efficiency map now has outer curves and smaller ribs (neither are fully realistic but are a better approximation)

- showed that we can cleanly plot multiplication of electrons through GEM layers.


- sieve hole locations

  • need to be slightly updated.

- sieve hole separation

  • using beam generator, it is difficult to distinguish holes as well as background from moller events
  • different magnetic fields could be used for different passes to separated eP and moller events
  • strange bimodal distribution needs to be investigated

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Meeting ID: 972 5975 5403

Passcode: 4937

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