Optics Meeting Jul 11 2023 200PM ET

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  1. (David) Final sieve hole pattern specifications sent to MIT engineering [1] after presentation by Vassu to Simulations group [2]
  2. Other updates


David, Ryan, Paul S., Andrew, Tyler, Vassu, Zuhal, Bill, Daijon, Ciprian, Mike D.


  1. (David) Sieve design shared with MIT engineering (via Mike Dion) for request for quotation process.
  2. (Bill) Working on introducing Ar volumes for GEMS to remoll, for low-energy photon background estimation. Introduces Daijon James, new student who is being trained in remoll for this study. The second project of putting GEM frames into remoll - have one station with the 3 frames/GEM, (including ribs) included, but issues with overlaps with the beampipe arose when adding 4th station - need to move those GEMS out a bit radially to avoid interference.
  3. (Vassu) We will return to the question of how to make the reconstruction parameters vary smoothly with scattered energy - at the moment they do not, which can't be physical - overfitting?
  4. (Tyler) Working on hole-center version of reconstruction fits. Using 12C generator, single DS foil. Unexpected double-peaking of residuals, and events at larger GEM_r than expected. Need to drop hole 71 at 1-pass. At the moment, selecting events to use in the reconstruction from those that cleanly entered sieve hole, but this doesn't cut radiative tail events - should probably use similar approach to Vassu/Zuhal technique of selecting good events by cuts in (r,phi) space for given hole. Should look at the (r,phi) plots to see if holes are showing up as expected.
  5. (Mike) Some questions arose from Dave Kashy on tolerances related to the sieve; Jim Fast drafted answers, which looked good to us. Mike will keep us in the loop as a Statement of Work (tolerances document) for the sieve is defined. Will ask the vendor to provide metrology results, some of which will be verified at JLab as part of the QA process on parts received.

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