Optics Meeting Aug 8 2023 200PM ET

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  1. p_0 fitting of phi reconstruction parameters [Kate and Zuhal] [1]
  2. Normalizing input data for optics reconstruction [Kate and Zuhal] [2]


Kate, Zuhal, Paul, Ryan, Tyler, Andrew, Vassu, Michael Dion


  • For the phi reconstruction, we should try excluding b_5 and looking at how our residuals change.
  • The p_0 fit parameters do a worse job of reconstructing phi, but is it still acceptable? What is the limit on acceptable phi residual value?
  • We should normalize the phi parameters as well as the theta ones.
  • Paul suggests that we want parameters that are orthogonal over what we're fitting. We can do this by either dropping terms that introduce correlations or by forcing the parameters to be orthogonal.
    • Dropping terms is simpler to start with.
  • Zuhal and Kate are still in the process of implementing normalization. They've tried 3 different preprocessors and are unsure which one would be best.

Meeting link information

See email invitation, or contact David Armstrong, Kate Evans or Jennifer McAllister for Zoom link