Optics Meeting Aug 23 2022 230PM ET

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  1. Sieve hole phi offset update [Vassu][1]


Vassu, Zuhal, Ciprian, Brynna, James, Nathan, Bill, Kate



  • For passes 1, 2, and 3, each hole can be confined within one of the GEM locations.
  • Hole 51 (r = 39 mm phi = -8 degrees)
    • This hole doesn't appear to move much in phi even with the large phi offset.
    • Keep it where it is so that we can understand and investigate the level of azimuthal defocusing at different radii.
  • Each GEM rotation configuration (red, green, and black) contain either zero phi offset holes, negative phi offset holes, or positive phi offset holes.
  • Efficiency at the edged of the GEMs?
    • Look at SBS GEM efficiencies.
    • How close to the edge of the GEM active region can we be?
  • In progress: look into relative moller vs elasticC12 rates and their separation.

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Meeting ID: 972 5975 5403

Passcode: 4937

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