Optics Meeting Aug 16 2022 230PM ET

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  1. Sieve Design Update (Vassu)[1]
  2. Thoughts on Tracking Software (David) [2]
  3. Scheduling meetings for the Fall semester (David)
  4. Low energy gammas (Bill)


Zuhal, David, Kate, Ciprian, Chandan, Bill, KK, Brynna, James


  1. (Vassu): 1) adding phi offsets for selected holes works well, allowing three holes in certain sectors (1,2, and 5), and having an advantage of having less "pollution" of elastic e-12C events in one hole from radiative tail events from another hole (if the holes are separated in phi). We should check that each sieve hole can be entirely imaged by the GEMs (away from their acceptance edges) in at leas one of the standard "rotation" phi positions for the GEMs. 2) non-primary events at the GEMs don't make significant background, the primaries (as expected) dominate the rates seen.
    (KK): requests plots to show that Mollers are not a relevant background for the e-12C optics data in any pass (i.e. that the Mollers are entirely bent away, or so well-separated in radius). Also suggested that we should have a table of rates of events in each sieve hole for each pass (worry that some holes will be sparsely populated, and will take too long to measure).
  2. (David): initial thoughts on tracking offline software, and where to "hook" in analysis of G4 tracking data. Probably will start with Chandan's PREx-2/CREx GEM analysis code in Podd, as is simpler and closer to our expected situation than the SBS code. Probably will initially "hook" in for GEANT 4 simulated data starting at the (r,phi) values from given BEM layer, but plan to be able to hook in simulated data at an earlier stage. Probably don't want to ever have GEANT 4 simulated the details of ionization/amplification in the GEM foils, but at the earliest start with strip hits with a charge sharing distributed over adjacent strips.
  3. (David): Defer discussion of new meeting day/time until other working group leaders have looked at the grand doodle poll.
  4. (Bill): making progress on implementing low-energy EM libraries. Will be testing local (SBU) implementation and comparing with ifarm version. At present there are differences in the diagnostic output of what libraries are implemented between the ifarm and SBU versions, even when using the same submission macro. Side note: In the Livermore version we are trying to use, for > 1 GeV the standard EM libraries are used, the tuned low-energy ones are used only for photons below 1 GeV.

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