Optics Meeting Apr 4 2023 200PM ET

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  1. verbal update and maybe quick slides on final rotated sieve results (Kate)
  2. Updates on the Sieve Design (Vassu)[1]


Kate, David, Bill, Ciprian, Sayak, Zuhal, Tyler, Andrew


  1. (Kate) have simulated and analyzed all "rotations" of the sieve with respect to the Worst case B field configuration [rotations done by rotating the sieve: [2]). All data are rate-weighted. Used 2-pass data with the 12C optics 1 target. It seems we have sensitivity in at least a few of the holes to identify a non-ideal B field in all orientations - we are not "blind" in any rotation. Will look into adding a few more holes to act as additional "symmetry pairs".
  2. (Vassu) added two new holes, and relocated hole 51 and 53 and made them smaller in diameter to reduce Moller/elastic 12C overlaps.
  3. (Bill) returned to work on the Livermore library implementation in a stand-alone version.
  4. (David) Discussion of track reconstruction code ideas.

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Meeting ID: 972 5975 5403

Passcode: 4937

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