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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  12:00pm Eastern
 Zoom connection information is sent out by email; please reach out to Paul if you don't have the current link.


  • Activity updates
  • General discussion

Open Issues to be followed up later

  1. Discussions with M. Pitt & J. Musson to understand the beam monitor signals we'll be getting
  2. Draft timing diagram: DocDB 790
  3. Michael, Bob, Brynne, and Paul should put together a list of the integrator running modes we would like to have available


Recording at zoomgov:

Participants: B. Moffit, P. King, R. Conaway, M. Gericke, C. Cuevas, W. Gu, R. Michaels, B. Shaw, D. McNulty, J. Pan, D. Adhikari

  • Activity updates
    • Bryan: he is getting closer for the MOLLER TI library. He needs to have a way to readout the trigger data, so was asking William or Bryerton about accessing it.
      • Bryerton can send the gitlab link of his readout code to Bryan. Bryerton also suggests we could use a named pipe for the data.
    • Bryerton: he has made an update and had sent it to Michael.
    • Dustin asks what is the status of getting the helicity-window sums as an output in the standalone mode?
      • Michael says there is an external gate on the back, and Bryerton says that we could use that as the start signal and can provide that update to Michael
    • Daryl is on vacation this week; Bryerton thinks he's due back on Monday.
    • Chris asks if we'd heard anything on the fiber pull. Paul will reach out to the company on the status
    • Michael says that they've received about 200 of the ADC chips and several other components
    • Jie has made some modifications to the switching base with changes to the DC-DC converter and amplifier chip for the event mode
    • Dustin: In the December test, the DC-DC converters seemed to break right away, but when they happened to retest them a little while ago and they were working again. The new DC-DC converter also broke right away when they used an high acute dose. They will check a new copy of the base with a slower radiation dose to see how it behave under slower doses.