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Meeting information

 Meeting time:  3:00pm Eastern
 BlueJeans calling instructions:
 Toll-Free Number (U.S.&  Canada):  888-240-2560
 Other BlueJeans access phone numbers are listed at
 Bluejeans CODE:                    411 309 650 
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  • Activity updates
  • General discussion


Participants: R. Michaels, P. King, D. Armstrong, C. Ghosh, H. Liu

  • Bob is working on the Requirements and Interface Control documents needed for the reviews this fall. He anticipates drafts sent to Paul and Michael in about a week
  • Chandan has prepared a presentation about using the SRS system to readout the GEMS instead of MPDs. He will present this at the next meeting, but we discussed a few portions of it today
    • The SRS uses a different APV card with a different output connector, so that likely precludes using SRS with APVs
    • PRAD used the APV+SRS, so we could ask them, but we don't think they have as many channels as we would have
    • The SRS can work with a different front-end chip, such as VMM. That could be an option, but would require a group to take charge of a new system development (not included in existing budgets)
  • Chandan points out that some of the issues with the existing APV+MPD readout comes from the lack of robustness of the molex connector between the APV card and backplane. He wonders if it might be possible to change that connector for another type. He'll try to discuss the possibility with Nilanga to get his impression about that idea.
  • Paul did not follow up with Ed to get his sense of the feasibility of switching the GEM readout to SAMPA. We'd also need to get Nilanga's thoughts on this, and this would also require a group to take charge of a new (not is scope) system development.
  • David let us know that the final report from the GEM 60% review is available; he'll circulate it to the group