Target Region Shielding

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  • 200916: initial plan (updated this page) and settled on ad-hoc meetings.


Caption text
Task Title Task Short Description Responsible DocDB link
Material analysis Description Chandan To be added
Needed detectors Define detectors needed for simulation Ciprian see below
Geometry implementation Develop plan to efficiently implement changes Ciprian docDB644
Run simulations Running either on compute canada Naz and Sakib To be added
1st pass analysis Flesh out analysis scripts and get base level of radiation Weibin, Naz, Ciprian To be added


Material analysis

  • Document current analysis (look back at PREX analysis by Caryn and MOLLER analysis by Chandan)
  • List of materials:
    • DenseCrete 5.21 g/cc (has Fe oxides - may not want near beamline) denseCrete
    • RadCrete Uses magnetite (iron ore)
    • PittHDcrete uses iron-based ores or steel aggregate
    • NelcoHDcrete
    • concrete with galena aggregate docDBlink (galena is lead ore)
    • If these don't contain a Barite mix we should look for one to include in our studies
  • Re-run analysis for new materials and summarize findings

Needed detectors

  • US of target: Moller polarimeter, Compton, Front of SBS bunker
  • between target and 1st Pb wall
  • plane right US of Hybrid (will make kryptonite for these simulations)
  • detectors will be placed in the parallel world