Simulation Meeting October 19 2023 11AM ET

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  1. FLUKA activation - dose near target region docDB1173
  2. Remoll Sensitive detector numbering in different subsystems
  3. Pull Request protocol
  4. Resolve open issue list on remoll: Discuss next week



  • FLUKA activation
    • Using a partially closed Tungsten blocker at Col-1 will lower the radiation suffient for a day cool down access to some parts of the target area
  • Remoll Sensitive detector numbering in different sybsystems
    • Sakib may come up with a simple script to check already existing detector ids
    • In the meantime make sure to check remoll warnings for id duplication
    • Always turn ON detectors that required for the simulation
    • Check vertices and hit z locations on sensitive detector one would use in analysis to make sure they are coming from intended places and hitting the correct z location of the sensitive detector
  • Pull Request protocol
    • When you submit a pull request make sure to assign a reviewer and then followup with an email to that person