Simulation Meeting November 10 2020 12PM ET

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  1. Target region shielding update - docDB652 Ciprian
  2. Upstream coil dose and two bounce photon background - docDB647 Chandan
  3. Spectrometer Radiation dose update - Sakib
  4. AOB


Probir Ghoshal, Rakitha, Devi Adhikari, David Kashy, chad, Krishna Kumar, Chandan Ghosh, Ciprian Gal, Sakib, Yufan Chen, David Flay, Wouter Deconinck, Elham Gorgannejad, Juliette Mammei, Jim Fast, Dustin McNulty, nazanin roshanshah, Sandesh Gopinath


  1. Target radiation Ciprian,
    1. Optimizing while allowing some engineering access to the target area.
    2. Radiation level around the target is the main estimate we want. Now there is only a spherical sens det. to look at spectrum and energy
    3. Once we know from Silviu what type of materials we get around the target, we can estimate the power deposition on them
    4. Lead wall could be further optimized by reducing lead to a donut and increase concrete. Another suggestion is to have a tungsten sleeve for the lead.
  2. Two bounce photon background - Chandan
    1. No additional two bounce background at the detector with updated collimators
  3. Detector plane rates after the merged collimator design. No change in detector rates observed
  4. Upstream coil dose - Chandan
    1. Extending the copper section of Col-2 to see a change in radiation dose at the DS coil
    2. There is a reduction in dose at the nose region
    3. On epoxy there is no change at all observed.
    4. Overall conclusion is extending does not make a significant gain on the radiation dose.
    5. Plot vertices for hits on the nose of the coil
    6. It seems like spots around 50 MGy in the epoxy is very safe.
    7. Once Chandan extend the tungsten shield to extend upstream nose dose will come down closer to 50 MGy
    8. We can move on from the nose radiation dose and optimized the two bounce shield
  5. Detector rates matched with older version with new 4.10.06.P02
    1. So we will use this version from now on.
    2. We need to find a volunteer to calculate the percent difference in rate bins between the two versions

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