Simulation Meeting May 9 2019 1030AM ET

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Simulation Task List Updated 2019


JLab room CC B101 is reserved for the meeting


Attendance: Rakitha, Juliette, Sakib, Wouter, Chandan,


  • Realistic beam-pipe from DS magnet to the end of the hall where dump begins. JLab will come up with a CAD design.
  • Beampipe implementation in G4 will be divided into subsystems
  • Geometry is shifted and checking volume overlaps. Wouter will merge the changes to develop branch
    • Comparing the rates before and after the shifts and target length change
  • Chandan will check the power on collimator for shorter target
  • Photon envelop check will be done by Chandan
  • optimizing the collimator acceptance after target shortened+moved and collimator and magnet moves.
  • generating photon envelopes and two bounce analysis.
  • Pull requests: KE energy stored in hits, remove geometry_sculpt will be nerged to develop branch by Wouter

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