Simulation Meeting May 13 2021 2PM ET

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  1. Collimator 1 and 2 Region shielding update: Zuhal docDB726
  2. Collimator 2 Design Update: Chandan page22_37


Ruben Fair, Chandan Ghosh, Zuhal Seyma Demiroglu, David Flay, Rakitha Beminiwattha, sudip, Ciprian Gal, Mark Pitt, Dustin McNulty, Wouter Deconinck, (he/him), Sudip Bhattarai, Nafis Rafat, Krishna Kumar, Eric Sun, Hanjie, Caryn, ROBIN WINES, Michael Gericke, Probir Ghoshal, Devi Adhikari, Paul King, Kent Paschke, Jim Fast, Elham, Naz, Caryn, Elham


  1. Collimator 1 and 2 Region shielding update: Zuhal
    1. Config-5 with more concrete removed from top around Col-1 and 2 area
    2. Manpower for beampipe but better to have it in the simulation as a simple geometry
  2. Col-4 Update: Chandan
    1. implementing a way to reduce slit scattering at Col-4

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