Simulation Meeting January 5 2021 12PM ET

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  1. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan docDB659_page47_53
  2. Detector simulation update and documentation: Cameron
  3. Meeting Date/Time?


ROBIN WINES, Mark L. Pitt, Ruben, David Kashy, Eric Sun, Sandesh Gopinath, rakitha beminiwattha, David Flay, Chandan Ghosh, Caryn wouter deconinc, Devi Adhikari, Elham Gorgannejad, Cameron Clarke, Kk, Michael Gericke. Probir Ghoshal, Jim Fast, Dustin McNulty, sakib, Probir Ghoshal


  1. Shielding downstream-region update: Chandan
    1. In the latest shielded configuration Chandan did not use the col-5 only the lintels Upstream of the Col-5 location
    2. Then he tried to bring back Col-5 with lintel structure attached at the bottom
    3. Lintel is for background coming thru the acceptance.
    4. Next step, work on the DS magnet nose takedown from 70 MGy to down to about 10 MGy. Note that we removed the septopus and trying to see if we can improve the dose without the septopus
    5. US mainly dominated by the positrons from the acceptance
    6. DS mainly dominated by the positrons from the beampipe many of them are created from the target and drift down with the main beam.
    7. We are making progress and hoping to have an engineering design discussion in two weeks. Engineers (Ruben) aiming for Mar 8th for preliminary design review (60 %)
  2. Detector simulation update and documentation: Cameron
    1. Scripts and analysis are documented are in the light guide simulation branch. He will do a pull request to develop the branch.
    2. In the near future we start with what Cameron did and work on pre-production designs using lookup table.
    3. At the moment a grad student and UMass is planning to pick up the work. We are also setting up for any other student to pick this work up.
    4. We will do detector simulations within the remoll framework. Cameron did benchmarks to compare QSim and Remoll.
    5. Remoll has the full quartz detector package in GDML with parameter files. Remoll can turn on full optical simulation on these detector packages.
    6. Not yet exist a complete setup for Shower Max
    7. Documentation: this is kept as a separate module and needs to be checked out explicitly
    8. Micheal is planning to pick up the detector meeting this year.
  3. we need someone to work on the envelope generator to the level that we can give engineers feedbacks quickly.
  4. Meeting Date/Time?
    1. Will send a doodle poll link : [1]

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